Legal reduction of tax expenses
Preventing the problem is more profitable than costly solution
Provide a solution to us, in return you will receive peace of mind and benefit
Minimization of tax losses for past periods and reduction of tax payments for forthcoming periods
Who are we? Our values? Our team
A team of experts such as successful ex-heads of tax services, the best tax auditors
Members of working groups on amendments to the Tax Code
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Who can we help?
Legal entities for which the appointment of a tax audit is expected (included in the audit plan) or in need of a tax audit
Exporters and subsoil users who were denied VAT refunds from the budget
Legal entities with high tax burdens or with tax problems
What is our uniqueness?
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The client's activities are analyzed from the position of the tax authority as its best tax auditors, therefore, before the others, we detect impending unplanned losses in the form of large amounts of additional charges and fines
Practical experience and constant participation in lawmaking allows us to identify the client's reserves by maximizing the possibilities of tax legislation
Our services as meeting your needs
Preliminary tax audit - prevention of additional accruals and fines
Tax attorney - support of tax audit and effective appeal of audit results
Tax optimization - reduction of tax expenses
Refund of excess VAT - guaranteed receipt of VAT refund from the budget
Representation of the client's interests - support of cameral control procedures, execution and appeal of cameral control notifications for reduction of the amount of claims
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